Founded in 1995 in memory of her parents who spent their last years in a nursing home, Marne Kies Dietterich has developed a special program to bring the hubbub of the holidays back into the lives of homebound residents. Wrapping Presence® arrives with a flourish in early December to set up shops brimming with new gifts for all ages. Vintage holiday music plays while “Wrapping Buddy” volunteers pass homemade cookies and help residents select presents for their loved ones to be wrapped in festive paper and bows. Whatever the resident shoppers are celebrating that season, the Wrapping Presence® volunteers are celebrating with them– with bells on! There is no cost to the shoppers or to the facility. All gifts and services for Wrapping Presence® are donated..

To do their own shopping for loved ones and to wrap their gifts in a room filled with holiday spirit sends our new friends back to their bedrooms with smiles and sometimes tears of joy. The thrill of the holidays returns and the anticipation of sharing it with others fills their hearts. In 2019, Wrapping Presence® had the pleasure of providing and wrapping more than 7,500 holiday gifts for the loved ones of over 1,100 residents living in 17 Delaware Valley nursing homes. Wrapping Presence® is supported by a growing corps of 500 of the most energetic and dedicated volunteers that one could ever have the joy of meeting. Wrapping Presence has also expanded its cheer to residents in Illinois, New Jersey, Connecticut and the Veterans Home of Coatsville PA. These facilities have their own teams of caring volunteers.

Wrapping Presence ® is an outreach program of Doylestown Presbyterian Church.